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GoBald Virtual 2021

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    GoBald Virtual 2021

     RM214,572.28 / RM1,000,000.00 04 Jul 2021  ‑  30 Sep 2021 10:00  ‑  11:59  All (Virtual)
    We are living in unprecedented times. The world has gone through enormous change and people everywhere are facing daily uncertainty. In the middle of it all, childhood cancer still continues to threaten our community.

    But there is always hope. Every cloud has a silver lining. And for these children who are facing the pain and challenge of cancer, you can be their silver lining. You can be their hope, to stand with them as they lose their hair because of their treatment, to provide funds to ensure they have access to essential services during their treatment. Thank you so much for your efforts to help the kids in need. Together, Let’s Help Kids Fight Cancer!